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Welcome to SpeedoGarage Speedometer Repair & Stereo Repair

We offer quality speedometer repairs with 10 years of experience!   (951) 444-5121

Experienced Techs

2003-2005 stock Chevy Silverado with blue LEDs

We have offered mobile speedometer repair, stereo and custom upgrades such as LEDS and gauge faces for over 10 years.  We are a automotive mobile service that comes to you at home, work, or a repair facility and can get you going again in as little as 30 minutes.  We serve all of Southern California, Las Vegas, Henderson and into Bullhead City, Nevada.

We Have You Covered

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all parts and labor.

Our Quality Promise

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our team uses parts from OEM manufacturers to ensure that your vehicle always gets the best.

Common Problems we can resolve for you

A little History

The way your speedometer works is relatively simple.  Behind each needle on your speedometer is a small motor called a stepper motor.  All the stepper motors behind each needle are exactly the same.  These stepper motors are known to go bad especially over 100k miles, but I have even replaced a few with only 10k miles on them before!  I can replace these motors and your speedometer will work like new again.  

The most common problem is the motors stop working completely. When you turn on the vehicle the gauge does not respond at all. Yes, this really does fix it. 

Please note if all your gauges stopped working at the same time this will not fix them. It is most likely a short in your speedometer. Call me for additional information.  We can fix that. 

I can also do bulb replacement. If your instrument panel has blown bulbs I can replace those. When I have your cluster apart I'll be glad to check for any blown bulbs. Now is the time to replace them since it is already taken apart if they are bad and these bulbs have to be soldered onto the circuit board. Ask about pricing when we come. 

Would you like to upgrade to LEDs?

Regular bulbs have a life expectancy of a few thousand hours of life.  Our LEDs are expected to last for more than 100,000 hours without burning out.  In fact I have never replaced a burned out LED to this date.  If you would like LEDs I have Blue, White and Red LEDs. We could replace your old bulbs with LEDs to give your cluster a nice new fresh look. Ask us for a price for your vehicle. 

Did your Gear Selector quit working?

We can repair your Dim Gear Selector Display.  Over time these can get very dim to where you can't see them any longer.  Some people can't even tell what gear they are in.  No worries.  We can repair it for you.  Ask us to look at yours. 

Vehicles We Service


 1997-2004 Century 2003-2005 LeSabre 2002-2006 Rainier 1997-2004 Regal 2003-2005 Rendezvous 




 2003-2012 Avalanche 2003-2005 Cavalier 2001-2005 Impala 2003-2006 Kodiak 2001-2005 Monte Carlo 2003-2012 Silverado 2003-2012 Suburban 2003-2012 Tahoe 2003, 2004 Tracker 2002-2006 Trailblazer 2003-2005 Venture 


 2005-2009 MUSTANG 


 2002-2006 Envoy 2003-2012 Sierra 2003-2006 Topkick 2003-2012 Yukon and Denali 


2003-2006 H2/H2T


 2003-2006 ASCENDER 


2004-2006 Nissan Quest


2003-2004  Alero 2003-2004 Bravada 2003-2004 Silhouette


 2003-2005 Aztek 2003-2005 Bonneville 2003-2005 Grand Am 2003-2005 Grand Prix 2004-2005 Montana 2003-2005 Sunfire 

2007-2012 GM mileage and gear displays go out all the time.  Yes we can also fix those.

If your vehicle is not on our list feel free to call us anyhow.  You never know we still may be able to fix it.


Contact Us

Send us a message letting us know what is going on with your vehicle, and we will get back to you soon with a quote. 


27247 Flagler St. Sun City (Menifee), CA 92586

(951) 444-5121


By Appointment only.  Please call first:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm

Saturday: 8am - 8pm

Sunday: 8am - 8pm